A fruit lover redefines normal

A friend recently asked me, what are the main things you healed with your fruit diet? This question inspired me to look back and reflect on my experience with a fresh eye.

I think that the best way of describing what I went through, would be to put this into Natural Hygiene terms, and say that I healed a severe and chronic state of toxicity in my body. Some of the most intense symptoms of it were arthritic pains in my joints, agonizing and disturbing my sleep, serious gum problems which although treated, persisted, appallingly poor digestion, which meant daily discomforts, constant halitosis, frequent fatigue, and a host of other unpleasant if not embarrassing symptoms. At the time, I felt my body was falling apart, and shared my despair about some of the symptoms I suffered with a friend of mine one day. They said that everyone went through this and that this was just a normal part of getting old. I could not believe this and did not want to accept this either.

I now understand that none of those symptoms were occurring in isolation, and that one underlying cause of all of them was the toxicity, which in turn was the result of my lifestyle at that time. I read about studies linking cooked food diets with a high level of internal carcinogenic toxicity as well as arthritis, and I did not find it surprising. Also, one cannot underestimate the importance of prevention, which is better than a cure. Had I not changed my ways, it was going to get even worse. A lot worse. I felt sick and desperate. My health was a ticking time bomb. What diagnosis was I going to get eventually? I will never know.

Here I am, turning 51 later this year. I suffer none of the symptoms I did then, almost 12 years ago.

What I would like you, dear reader, to take from this is the following. Do not wait until you get cancer diagnosis, or some other life-threatening or debilitating disease. If you are experiencing  some worrying  symptoms of ill health, please do not think that this is normal, or part of simply getting old. Allow me to redefine normal.

Normal is to wake up in the morning and have energy to live. To feel good and to like your body, and what you see in the mirror. To feel well-hydrated and comfortable in your skin. To be able to vigorously exercise and still feel energetic afterwards. To feel nourished, well-hydrated and light after a meal, and ready to enjoy the life more. To have a kitchen filled with fruit and to buy fruit by boxes. To feel grateful for simple foods in their raw and whole state, and to be able to sense their taste. To be able to sense that they are what supports life.Picture 0309