Greetings and welcome to my page. I use this space to record my experience and opinions on raw foodism and related topics, whenever I feel inspired and find a spare moment. I am a long-term raw foods enthusiast and a fruit lover. I am also a super busy scientist, working on various exciting projects, and loving it. I live in Tasmania.


I first experimented with raw foods in the 80s, when the mere choice of me being a vegetarian was considered an oddity, and I was drawn to a fruit diet during my travels in the 80s and 90s. I embraced the raw food diet as my lifestyle in 2003 and have been reporting my experiments with it since then. In 2004 I created my website RawGosia. I am proud to say that my Journal is one of the first long-term blogs that report on a fruit-based raw food lifestyle. This lifestyle is my personal choice, for various reasons.

I do not give personal consultations but I am keen to connect with other raw foodists and fruitarians.



To see pictures from my daily life, please visit me on Instagram.

If you require professional advice on nutrition, contact a professional.
Listen to your body and respond to its needs.
Don’t listen to quacks.
Best wishes,

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