Adopt a raw food diet to transform your life and our planet

A few days ago I was on a camping trip at the Bay of Fires in Tasmania. In the middle of the night I got woken up by very noisy neighbors who would not stop singing for a good long while. They were a group of fairy penguins surrounding my tent. That night was magical!

In our cozy houses, away from the nature, we may easily forget about the impact that we have on other creatures and on our planet.  Yet this impact on the nature is devastating. Clearly, I do not need to quote the statistics here, as these are well known.

There are ways in which we can greatly reduce that impact. One of them is by eating a raw food diet that consists of raw, ripe fruit and veggies. The benefits of this diet are immense both for our health as well as for our planet. This lifestyle, which may seem strange at first, is in fact most natural and effortless to adopt. Anyone can make a salad or pick up a fruit. Perhaps the greatest obstacle is our mind, but it is not an obstacle that we cannot overcome.

I invite you to embrace this lifestyle. With this blog I hope to inspire you to do so. Of course, as always, I recommend that you listen to your body and respond to its needs. If you require a professional advice on nutrition, please contact a professional. Be your own guru.

Yours truly,