Before and After – an Update

I admit I am camera shy and I’d rather stay out of the spotlight. However, for the sake of sharing the empirical evidence that might inspire someone to change their lifestyle and gain health, I am willing to overcome my resistance. I am just a fragile human, full of imperfections, but I learned to accept my body as it was given to me. One thing I am not willing to accept – wearing it off at a rate higher than necessary. I won’t lie and say I am OK with getting older, as I love my life and if possible, would love to live forever. Nevertheless, I am aware of the fact that my time on this planet is temporary, and so I am trying to get the most of this short, precious time.  How? By doing things I love and being with people I love. I need the energy to do all of that! The raw food lifestyle seems to provide me with it perfectly.

I was born in 1963 in Poland. This is me as a young rebel and a poet:

I’ve got lots of stories to tell, but this one is about health. You can read my raw food story and check out my before and after pictures on my website RawGosia here. I would like to add one photo that I did not include there, because I found it embarrassing at a time:


Gosia before raw in 2002

Now, check this out:

RawGosia in 2003

RawGosia in 2004

Before raw in 2002 (left) and RawGosia in 2010

Looking at the photo above, it was 8 year later and I still felt way better. This was aging in reverse. Mind you, if you look at some photos of me in 2003, the year I went raw, or 2004, the year I realized that I was a fruit lover, then the contrast is even more compelling. Is it truly possible, one might think? This was exactly what I thought then! I realized later how strong connection between health and how we look was. I realized that health had a different meaning than what it is considered as standard by the mainstream.

I cannot emphasize enough that apart from the dramatic external results, which I appreciated, there were a lot more significant and more serious results that I observed, which had to do with my health. The external was only the side effect of being more healthy.

I still feel way better than then!

Picture 0296

July 2013

Picture 0310

January 2014