Books that inspire

I would like to mention a few books that I find particularly special and relevant to me at the moment. Books that have inspired me and touched me at some deep level. Books that have an extraordinary message I would like to pass on.

First, I would like to mention Ann Wigmore’s book titled “Recipes for Longer Life”. This is a book I got by chance along with a pile of other books from a friend who was moving and hence reducing the volume of his belongings. I rediscovered this book after I went raw in 2003. The recipes in the book no longer are useful to me. But it is not the recipes that grabbed my heart. It is the wonderful spirit of Anne, an early pioneer of living foods diet, who lovingly referred to people as angels. It is her most beautiful soul. I will never forget the feeling when I read her book. It seemed as if she was right next to me, talking to me. I highly recommend that you learn about this wonderful woman.Ann_Wigmore

The next book that I would like to mention is “Fruitarianism: The Path to Paradise” by Anne Osborne. This is my first fruitarian book, which I read some years after realizing that I was a fruit lover at heart. Anne, who I am lucky to be able to call my friend, is the most beautiful person in the modern world of fruitarians and raw vegans. Her attitude towards other humans and all living creatures is full of compassion and extraordinary patience. Her book is the most touching gift right from the moment it arrives to your door, wrapped beautifully, addressed and illustrated personally by Anne. I still keep that wrapper! This book became my friend during the times I felt isolated and lonely in my love for fruit. It is a wonderful memoir with inspiring thoughts and delightful illustrations that make me smile. This book is the best gift that you could give to yourself. I recommend it wholeheartedly.


┬áThe third book I would like to mention is “Destination Eden: Fruitarianism Explained” by Mango Wodzak. Mango is a modern day fruitarian philosopher who lives a life that defies many conventions, yet arguably is the most natural way of being. Mango and his partner Kveta, both long term fruitarians, enjoy simple, rural life and local tropical fruit from the markets or their own garden. I met Kveta online several years ago, when my interest in fruitarianism was just a little spark, as a member of a forum she created. I feel a special connection with Kveta and Mango. Mango’s book is a long awaited and welcome addition to my library, which I am still reading. It covers many compelling topics and keeps me interested. I like to keep it handy and grab it whenever I feel the need for some uncommon sense and philosophy. This is a unique book that offers a vision to the world that needs it desperately. I feel lucky to read this book during these times of change, right when the new history is being created.

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Next, a couple of new additions to my library that I have just started reading eagerly. Two books by Don Bennett, a humble person with a great sense of humor, and a brilliant educator, also known as a disease avoidance specialist. I got to know Don in the recent year and got completely charmed by his delightful personality and attitude. I look forward to learn more from this man very much. I heard many positive stories of how he helped various people on a personal level. I find he is having a positive effect on me too. Thank you Don! xxx


Finally, I would like to mention a book recommended to me recently by my friend Victor Van Rambutan, who keeps surprising me with his brilliant ideas. I have been aware of my introversion for a long time. I am probably one of the most introverted people that I know. I am one of those people who prefer to sit in the corner and watch and learn, rather than be in the spotlight. I am completely happy, even delighted with the way I am, but it has been a struggle sometimes with being misunderstood by others. I think that this book is a great contribution to the 21st century culture, in which those less outspoken may be perceived incorrectly as the ones with less to offer. However, quiet, deep thinking may well be exactly what the world needs in order to change. This is a powerful book. Please read it.


I like to surround myself with great books and loving people. They not only teach me great things, but, more importantly, help me to keep my spirits high. Attitude is everything!

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