Can fruitarian shoppers transform the world?

Today is an ordinary Saturday, like many others. The supplies in my kitchen are nearly bare and so I go shopping! Some say do not go shopping hungry but I do not mind. I think my senses are super sensitive when I am hungry, which only helps me in a better selection of fruit. Today my lucky finds are: a box of bananas, two boxes of red flesh papayas, a box of Keitt mangoes, 6 watermelons, 8 punnets of strawberries, a dozen of beautifully ripe figs (a special treat, not cheap at a $1.20 each), a bag of mandarins and 6 apples (I am going to make a raw apple pie). The total bill sits around $240.

I still can’t believe that I am able to get delicious papayas here in Hobart. I feel so lucky! I prefer to buy the watermelon and other fruit from a wholesaler as the quality is so much better. It is fresher! The figs, bought from a shop known for its good links with local farmers, are gone already… I heart melons!

Is it possible that ordinary people like me can transform the consumer industry in any significant way simply through the way they choose to spend their money? I believe that we can. What do you think? Can fruitarian shoppers transform the world?


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