February Fruity News

Just a little bit of blogging to report some random thoughts. Last month I went camping again and this was the most exquisite experience. The ocean in Tasmania is really cold. I enjoyed bathing in the ocean nevertheless. I like the way the salty water makes my curly hair even curlier. What did I eat? I took some juicy fruit with me, watermelon and peaches, and also bananas. In my experience staying fruity when traveling is easy. It takes just a little preparation.


Later, I went to Auckland to a Maths conference. Although I ordered a fruit meal for my flights, something went wrong and I did not get them. I did not starve though as I had a big bag of grapes with me, each way.  In a local supermarket in Auckland I discovered most delicious pawpaws. This was a true treat for me as here in Hobart one can’t get them ever! I tried some other fruit in Auckland but pawpaw wins both hands down. Yum yum yum! I felt as if I was in heaven.


The plants in my greenhouse are growing. I already harvested some cucumber and just today I discovered a couple of little babies in there! Aren’t they delightful? Can you tell what fruit they are?