Fruit yay – Lies nay

I will make this post really quick. I feel the need to remove myself from anything that is not in tune with my heart, very strongly at the moment. I am currently in pain, after some issues with my back, and so I came to a conclusion that anything that makes me sick, should be cut off completely. So this post is my message to all my fruity and vegan friends who think it is OK to lie. You are entitled to your opinion. Note that in such case, I do not want to do anything with you. I want to focus on what’s beautiful and powerful and inspiring in my life. Not on what upsets me or makes me angry or disappointed.

As one example of the latter, here is the screenshot with an image advertized at


The same image is also used at


Note that the image on the left has been clearly manipulated (stretched horizontally). This is evident from the body measurements that would remain constant regardless of weight fluctuations (since our skeletal system would not change), as well as the size of letters in the two images (eg letter E). Nay.

After slightly reducing the image on the right by 95% (both horizontally and vertically) so as to align the height of the person in both shots, and then shrinking the image on the left by 87% in the horizontal direction only, as as to (roughly) align it with the true measurements, we obtain:


Does the person on the left look 40lbs lighter than the person on the right? By the way, some maths: 1/1.15 = 0.87 (approx) and so the image that was stretched by 115%, will be shrunk back to its original size if you do it by 87%.

Now, I spent enough of my time and energy highlighting the important but sad issues that I felt needed to be exposed. There are others who are doing great job exposing the dishonesty anyway, and I need to take care of my health. So, it is time for me to spend my time on the things I adore instead. Like fruit, or music, or maths for example. Yay.

My appeal to all fruity and vegan promoters:

Please maintain high standards of integrity within our community.

Fruity evidence can speak for itself.

Honesty is OK.