Happy fruity November

Well, I had thought that a month of blogging all my meals is enough. But then I kept going. Please find the list at the bottom of this post. I guess I am back to old-fashioned blogging yay! I have made some mental shift this year. Over the 11 years of my raw experience, I have analyzed every issue; I looked at raw from every possible angle. I doubted it, I questioned it, and looked at it with a magnifying glass. This has come to an end. It is now time for me to just be raw. Not that I do not want to learn anymore. I still learn. Every month, every week and every single day I learn something. Something that helps me to be better at it, more relaxed at it, more knowledgeable about it too, and above all, more joyful in it. But staying raw is my effortless priority now.

Where am I mentally now? I like to invest my energy in the positive things, in what is important to me and what feels right. I don’t care about being a minority. I don’t care about trying to prove anything to others. I just enjoy what I do. I am completely at ease being where I am. Perhaps I wised up? I think I did indeed. About time.

On Saturday the 15th I felt like my body is getting attacked by a disease, flu-like symptoms. I did not feel like eating until afternoon. I thought, oh great, just before I am to travel to Adelaide, to do some research work. I NEVER get sick, how can this be happening? A week earlier a visiting friend had flu and was suffering from it terribly. Last time I had flu was before I went raw, maybe 12 years ago. Was I going to have one now? A day later and the symptoms of unease in the throat and in the bones are almost completely gone already. It seems that my body is able to recover within the duration of time it takes to eliminate. This makes sense.

On Sunday the 16th, straight after landing and arriving at a hotel, I went to Adelaide Vegan Festival. What a wonderful coincidence that this was on, on my first day here. I am so much grateful for all the beautiful people and all the good things they do. This was beautiful. And then, when I walked around checking all the stalls, who should I bump into but Janette and Alan from Running Raw Around Australia! Hugs and all smiles. When they visited my humble home in Hobart, I did not talk much to them. I was dazed and mesmerized haha. Everyone else was too, just staring at them, and listening to their amazing story. It was good to meet them again and hug them. After checking out the various stores, pigging out on organic strawberries, I spend some time just hanging around them and basking in the glorious atmosphere. Of course, I got their new book, “Running out of time”, personally signed by them, lucky me. I saw others talking to them, asking questions, or taking photos. Who wouldn’t? I love these people. Just as before, they uplifted my spirits. It was good to chat with Janette, she shared some interesting insights about their daily life, and it was good to chat with Alan, who offered me a few words of encouragement. Thank you the universe. Janette mentioned to me the movie about them that is going to Cannes later this year. So watch out folks!

At Adelaide Vegan Festival 2014

There were a few raw stores at the Vegan Festival, selling raw goodies. I tried some out of curiosity. Verdict? They were OK. I guess the more processed, gourmet, high-fat, standard-mimicking foods is what appeals to the mainstream. It is wonderful to see vegan becoming mainstream for sure, so no harsh words from me. In my eyes, the true raw stall was Janette and Alan’s. There were using bananas as the book weights. ? They are the quintessential raw foodists. The best raw foods at the festival? Organic strawberries hands down! Yum!

On Tuesday the 18th I found some nice fruit in local Woollies at last. The goodies from Sunday festival are gone by now and I am glad. I noticed on Sunday that even these small amounts of high-fat treats would slow down my healing a little. Juicy fruit is really my preference. I think that as far as raw takeaways, smoothies are the best out of what’s available. They are the closest to comfort. Home-made raw is the best of course.

On the 22nd I was lucky to find a shop with non-leather flats here in Adelaide, right on Rundle Mall, near the place I was staying. Lucky me. Finding shoes is really an issue for me as I have to wear flats, and comfortable non-leather flats are hard to find in Hobart. Living in Adelaide is easier in certain ways. More Sun, better choice of fruit and better choice for vegans (I was impressed with raw vegan foods offered in various shops here, and vegan is becoming a strong part of mainstream here too). Though, at the same time it is more commercial here. Busier and louder too.

On the 24th I found a bar (AR-GO) in Adelaide where you can get a smoothie made just the way you like it yay! It is 15 minutes walk further but all worth it. Just a few more days and I am going home.

Organic Bliss Café is one place in Adelaide that serves some raw foods that I visited so far. They only have a soup and bruschetta there, plus smoothie and a salad, so not that much choice. I am hoping to visit Nettle Raw Café to, they serve raw breakfast and dinner, and even take orders for dinners, which sounds interesting. They are further away though, so I may be able to drop there just before I depart, as I am too busy during the week.

Well, on the 26th I visited Nettle Raw Café, the only raw vegan café in Adelaide, which serves a range of raw dishes. I settled for BLT (had to google what that meant as I have never had a cooked BLT either haha) and grabbed a takeaway burger too. I enjoyed the experience there. This is a real raw café. So cool! I look forward to visiting this place when I am in Adelaide again. I satisfied my need to dining in a raw place. I wish that one day there will be on in Hobart too so that when I feel like going out, there is somewhere to go.

Below is the summary of my November 2014 meals and a few highlights in images. You can find the images of all my November meals on my instagram account (#rawgosia). Note that I did not make an effort to record quantities, but the types of foods only. For example, the image on instagram shows one plate of salad at the Melbourne airport, but I went for seconds a few times.

1 Nov 2014: mangos, nana-date-berry-coconut smoothie, strawberries, tom-avo-curry-curry salad, nana-date-berry-coconut smoothie
2 Nov 2014: mangos, nana-date-vanilla-cardamon-cinnamon-coconut smoothie, tom-avo-cuke-curry salad, strawberries, pepitas
3 Nov 2014: nana-date-berry-coconut smoothie, tom-avo-dill-curry salad, nanas
4 Nov 2014: nana-date-berry-coconut smoothie,tom-avo-dill-curry salad, green grapes, tom-cauli-zucchini-green-onion soup, apple cake
5 Nov 2014: bliss balls from a friend, green smoothie, tom-avo-cuke-curry salad, nanas, nana-date-berry-coconut smoothie
6 Nov 2014: mangos, tom-avo-cuke-curry salad, rock melon, nanas, apple cake
7 Nov 2014: tom-avo-cuke-curry salad, baby cukes, oranges, mangos, zucchini noodles with tom-avo-cukes-curry,
8 Nov 2014: green smoothies at the city, zucchini noodles with dill-tom-avo-cukes-curry, apple-nana cake
9 Nov 2014: nana-date ice cream, mangos, strawberries, zucchini noodles with dill-tom-avo-cukes-pomegranate-curry, nana-apple cake
10 Nov 2014: mangos, mangos, tom-avo-cukes-curry salad, nana-date coconut water smoothie,
11 Nov 2014: mangos, mangos, tom-avo-cukes-pomegranate-curry salad, date-mango coconut water smoothie
12 Nov 2014: mangos, mangos, tom-avo-cukes-pomegranate-curry salad, apple-nana cake, grapes
13 Nov 2014: oranges, tom-avo-cukes-pomegranate-curry salad, strawberries, grapes
14 Nov 2014: grapes, strawberries, honeydew, honeydew, gourmet tom-avo-cukes salad with olives and seaweed
15 Nov 2014: spicy tom and mango salad with chillies!, oranges
16 Nov 2014: rockmelon and two salads at the Melbourne airport Qantas Lounge, absolutely wonderful organic strawberries at the Adelaide Vegan Festival, bliss balls from Raw Karma there
17 Nov 2014: lunch at Organic Bliss Café, takeaway green smoothie, cherries, leftover cake from RawLife
18 Nov 2014: takeaway green smoothie, takeaway salad from Organic Bliss Café, leftover cake from RawLife, cherries, watermelon
19 Nov 2014: takeaway green smoothie, watermelon, mangoes, greens and sprouts salad
20 Nov 2014: green smoothie, watermelon, strawberries, nectarines
21 Nov 2014: watermelon, mangoes, a two-course meal at Organic Bliss café (soup and bruschetta with a salad, and a bliss ball)
22 Nov 2014: strawberries, greens cuke and avo salad, nanas, mangoes
23 Nov 2014: mangoes, cuke greens and avo salad, cuke greens and avo salad, mangoes
24 Nov 2014: takeaway smoothie, green smoothie from AR-GO, watermelon, cake slice from AR-GO, mangoes
25 Nov 2014: green smoothie from AR-GO, two-course meal at Organic Bliss café (soup and bruschetta with a salad), nanas, mangoes
26 Nov 2014: green smoothie, mangoes, BLT at Nettle Raw Café, takeaway burger from Nettle Raw Café, watermelon
27 Nov 2014: smoothie, BLT, smoothie, mangoes
28 Nov 2014: smoothie, nana mango salad, two-course meal at Organic Bliss café (soup and bruschetta with a salad)
29 Nov 2014: smoothie, a slice from Bliss Organic café, oranges at the Adelaide airport, salads at the Melbourne airport, another slice from Bliss Organic café
30 Nov 2014: smoothies, kale chips, nana vanilla bean ice-cream, tomato mango curry salad

I heart juicy fruit

Mango season is back

Nana date ice-cream mm mm

These strawberries were absolutely delicious

A meal at Bliss Organic cafe

A meal from Nettle Raw cafe


Mango bliss

Mangoes yum yum