Happy fruity October

After 11 years of raw, I am in a happy place. Let me not understate this. I feel good!  How do I achieve this? This really is quite simple. I have seen raw and fruit glorified, and I have seen it vilified, but I do not get swayed by popular or loud opinions. Instead, I do the following:

  • I eat when hungry, and so do not starve myself or eat beyond the feeling of satiation.
  • I give myself plenty of freedom, and so do not follow restricted patterns, and if have a desire for a particular raw food, I will have it. This is important to me, as the range of fruit can be limited here in Hobart in cooler months, and so I try to focus on raw.
  • I am OK with trying a variety of raw foods and learning which ones I find appealing, and which ones I don’t. I am OK with breaking the rules.
  • I seek as high quality raw, ripe foods as I can.
  • I do believe that my body sends signals when it needs some nutrients or needs rest from eating, and so by responding to those needs, I do what makes me comfortable.

On this note, at the start of  October, I decided to record my meals, as I thought it would be fun and educational to do so. I have not done it for a long time! October is not the best season for fruit in Hobart as yet. I am looking forward to buying mangoes by boxes when it warms up here. The record below is the reflection of my daily, hectic life as an academic. Nothing extraordinary, just my normal life.

I don’t have a lot of spare time, but taking a picture takes a moment. I took the images of all my meals and put them up on my instagram account here, this is the first image in the series (click on the image to get to the post):

2 October

Here is the list of my meals (shared at RawFor24):

1 October 2014: no correct records, but I did have watermelon and strawberries, amongst other foods
2 October 2014: watermelon, bananas, salad, apple cake
3 October 2014: watermelon, apple cake, salad, apple cake
4 October 2014: soft serve nana serve, takeaway green smoothie, zucchini noodles, apple cake with nana ice-cream
5 October 2014: takeaway green smoothie, zucchini noodles, watermelon, walnuts, apple cake
6 October 2014: watermelon, strawberries, nanas, salad, chia pudding
7 October 2014: chia pudding, honeydew melons, nanas, salad, chia pudding
8 October 2014: watermelon, nanas, salad, salad, dates
9 October 2014: takeaway green smoothies, watermelon, salad with cauli-tom mash, chia pudding
10 October 2014: grapes, takeaway double salad, watermelon, salad, chia pudding
11 October 2014: takeaway smoothies, grapes, salad, chia pudding
12 October 2014: soft carob nana serve, 10 almonds, salad, a few pepitas, carrot-celery juice, tomato soup, blueberry nana ice cream
13 October 2014: watermelon, grapes, tomato soup, salad, dates
14 October 2014: takeaway smoothies, takeaway double salad, watermelon, nanas, salad (with a nice celery-date-blueberry-tom dressing)
15 October 2014: blueberry nana ice cream, black grapes, salad, watermelon, salad
16 October 2014: green smoothies, rawkies from Mercia, takeaway double salad, nanas, salad
17 October 2014: watermelon, golden kiwi, salad, nana vanilla ice-cream
18 October 2014: nana smoothie with coconut milk, a dash of hemp, vanilla bean seeds and cinnamon, watermelon, salad, nana gourmet ice cream with dates, nuts and carob
19 October 2014: nana smoothie (as yesterday, plus nutmeg),salad, dates, grapes, nana-berry smoothie
20 October 2014: nana smoothie, salad, watermelon, salad, nana-berry smoothie
21 October 2014: nana-berry smoothie, salad, watermelon, nanas, nana-berry smoothie
22 October 2014: smoothies in the city, salad at a cafe, salad, nana-berry smoothie
23 October 2014: nana-berry smoothie (with dates and coconut milk, as before), almonds, salad, nana-berry smoothie
24 October 2014: grapes, salad, nanas, grapes, spicy salad
25 October 2014: smoothies, salad, jaffa bliss balls, nana-berry smoothie
26 October 2014: nana-date smoothie, tom-avo salad, jaffa bliss balls, nana-berry smoothie
27 October 2014: oranges, tom-avo salad, nanas, bliss balls, nana-berry smoothie
26 October 2014: nana-date smoothie, tom-avo salad, jaffa bliss balls, nana-berry smoothie
27 October 2014: oranges, tom-avo salad, nanas, bliss balls, nana-berry smoothie
28 October 2014: toms-avo salad, apples, nana-berry- smoothie, bliss balls
29 October 2014: toms-cukes-nana salad, mixed salad, nanas, apples, toms-avo-dill salad, nana-berry smoothie
30 October 2014: nana-berry smoothie, jaffa bliss balls, toms-avo-cukes salad, apples, nana-berry smoothie
31 October 2014: nana-berry smoothie, tom-avo-cuke salad, apples, tom-avo-dill salad, nana-berry smoothie

And here, a few images of some of these meals:

Apple cake

Soft serve

Zucchini noodles

Nana-berry ice cream

Nana-vanilla smoothie

Jaffa bliss balls


Tom-avo-dill salad


Nana-berry smoothie