I have never seen a fat fruitarian and other rant

Be polite or be frank, that is the question. I think I have been polite most of the time, but I do feel like exploding with thoughts sometimes, and this is one of those times. So I decided to record my thoughts here. This is for me. Because I feel the need to frame my thoughts, to spell them out. I do not have invested monetary agendas, so being frank does not cost me anything, right?

Well, it is not about being right versus being nice and loving. This is about being sane versus being insane. Using my brain versus being an idiot. Being discerning versus sticking fingers in my ears and singing la la la, and ignoring the facts that stare me in the face.

Please do not take what I say here personally. I am doing this purely for my own benefit, out of my personal need. If you are not comfortable reading this, simply leave.

So I hear people saying, you can’t get fat on fruit. Apparently, as they say, because “I have never seen a fat fruitarian” !!! Or, they would say, “look at me, I have been eating so much fruit, but I am not fat”. Wow.


This is such a typical way of thinking. Because I have never seen something, and it never happened to me, it can’t possibly happen to anyone. This would be like me telling you, look at my eyes, they are brown, and I have never seen a mathematician with blue eyes, so there can’t be any mathematicians with blue eyes out there. In fact, if one has brown eyes, then they must be a better mathematician than others.


Dumb idea, right? The fact is you can get fat on fruit, and people have got fat on fruit, and this was discussed and recorded, including the photographic evidence. They got fat not because of fruit of course, but because of following some idiot’s advice and stuffing themselves with calories despite not feeling hunger. Some also got fat purely for the sake of doing an experiment to show that one can get fat on fruit. Google this if you are interested in the details. However, of course, any sane person would not continue doing something that makes them fat in the long run. This is why, in the long run, people do not stuff themselves with more fruit than is required to meet the energy needs of their body. The fruitarians are not stupid people. They tend to be sane. They eat when they are hungry. This is why they do not get fat. Not because one can’t get fat on fruit, but because what stupid idiot would stuff themselves with fruit calories if they were not hungry?!

Now, my rant on the topic of a guru. This goes together with the above. I never wanted and never will want to be a one. The idea of being this so called ‘authority’ repels me. What being a guru really means? Being a quack. That is, being someone who despite having no education, knowledge or understanding of the area, assumes the position of authority, self-advertises, gathers followers and makes money out of it. I guess Belle Gibson (ref1, ref2) is a classic case of such quack, but there are many more that have not been exposed in such a dramatic manner as her. I have discussed this issue before (ref), and this does not seem to be going away.

Somehow the idea of making money out of raw never sit well with me. One could say that this is because I already have a job. True, I do have one. I am a professional, and get paid for what I do. It happens that what I do, I also love doing. So I can understand how it can be a dream come true for someone, like me, to get paid for what they really love doing. So I can understand that people who love raw may wish to make it their career path too. However, the issue that I see is lack of standards, and lack of regulatory bodies that would impose them. As a professional, I have an obligation to uphold certain standards of behaviour, and I can be held accountable if I do not. On the other hand, as an online blogger, and a potential raw or fruitarian guru, I am free to do whatever I like. So this is how people like Belle Gibson, who have no in-build ethical system to guide them in the right direction, get away with what they do. I can practically make up any shit as it pleases me. In order to win the audience. If it pays. If I wanted.


But I do not want to. And I can’t. Because the idea of advertising and self-advertising makes me cringe. And because I have this insatiable desire to question things. This includes questioning raw and questioning fruitarian. I do not know whether the fruitarian diet is the best diet in the world. I have times I believe it is, but I also have times when I want to give it up altogether. I have times I doubt everything, and I have times I am not sure of anything. Science evolves, philosophy evolves, human knowledge evolves, my understanding of the world evolves. Being a guru means having to stick to something, and to abandon my natural need for the evolution of my mind, and my spirituality. This is not what I would want to or could do.

Plus, making money out of something places people at a danger of temptation of doing things not because it feels right, but because it makes money.


I got contacted by someone who offered to be my manager, and do stuff for me, website and so on. I got contacted by various businesses who wanted to do business with me. To make money. I got contacted by individuals, who would refer to me as if I was a guru. In each of these cases, I had this automatic response and just had to do what felt right.

What I desire is the freedom to be a normal human being, prone to doubting and making mistakes, and being wrong. So that I can do what is right. Had to get it off my chest. Phew!

Oh, and do you think that ‘stupid‘ vegans ‘deserve to live‘ ? Could not resist asking this. 😉