Let me tell you a secret

It is over 10 years now, since I embraced raw foods. This is not a secret though. So what IS the secret? I have never mentioned this before, but when I decided to give the raw foods a go, I promised myself that I will give this 10 years at least, should the experiment survive, before coming to any serious conclusions. It takes 7 years to get an itch in a relationships they say, and I think 10 years is a nice, robust figure, sufficient for evaluations. So how did it go? Did the raw foods pass the test? What are the lessons? What is the naked truth?

On top of my list of the things I learned is “Trust your intuition”. I did enter the raw foods with the idea that I am my own guru, and that I should trust my body instincts. Nevertheless, I think I could have trusted more. My personal experience as well as other people’s stories, coupled with some study of the scientific literature and contemplations, reinforced my understanding of how important individual needs are, and that no externally-imposed schemes can replace the wonderful complexity of the body.

I learned that maintaining my independence and integrity is very important, as is not following crowds, and using my critical mind. I learned that an online environment may not be the best place for my growth at times, and that sometimes one may need to surgically remove themselves from it, if growth is the goal. I learned that true friends are those who trust me and are happy to share, and that geographical distance does not preclude trust or sharing. Of all the things I experienced, people are the best part.

And the foods? Can I imagine my life without fruit now? I daresay not. All the rest keeps changing. Things come and go, and I learned to accept the fluctuations of my dietary patterns as the sign of the changing needs of my body. Fruit is the common denominator of what is nevertheless, and juicy fruit has been my staple for a long time now.

luckyme 007small

Somehow, the idea of having pictures taken was never something that appealed to me. As an introvert and INFJ, I am excused though. My friends have been encouraging me to be a little more outspoken, so who knows, I might make a talking head video one day. Probably… Well, I may at least put up some more recipe videos. When I get a moment.

That, and I am writing a book. It’s called “Standard human diet”. It’s practically in my head. 😉

What could be a better present for my 10 year anniversary than a hug from my fruit loving friends? Under Anne and Cappi’s 60-year old Mango tree:

brisbane2013 053smallWith Musang:

gosia musangMango leaf. It smells like mangoes:

brisbane2013 068small