My visit at the Brightside Farm Sanctuary

This was a long anticipated trip. My daughter Julia reminded me about our plan and we finally did it. One Saturday morning our family went for a ride to visit the Brightside Farm Sanctuary, a shelter for animals founded by Emma Haswell. I don’t think I have ever experienced so much love from so many animals in one day before. This was a day filled with patting and scratching and being licked and touched by pigs, horses, cows, sheep, goats, bulls, camels, dogs and even birds. I was impressed with how gentle and loving and curious the animals were, and how happy they were on their farm. As Emma said, their true beautiful nature comes out when they feel SAFE.

Emma suggested that we go and visit the cows in their paddock. So we did. On our way, we got to see the pigs heaven, with mud and all they could dream off, and patted some too.



As we got closer, a realisation came how huge these animals were. Cows, bulls, horses and camels. I admit I suddenly felt fear.


We were practically surrounded by these big animals and we did not know what to expect. Then, they started approaching us to check us out. A horse looked me straight in the eye and came to see me. Ah, my heart melted.



The licking would not stop!



Everyone likes a little pat.






I will be back, soon I hope. What a wonderful place. What a great cause to support.