Raw Food at Full Throttle in 2014

There has been no better year than 2014 to be a raw foodist. Today, the raw vegans Janette and Alan are breaking the world record of 366 marathons in 366 consecutive days, and in doing so, bring the awareness about what is possible to achieve on this simple diet of fruit and veggies. most importantly, in terms of health (ref1, ref2, ref3). Today, the raw food community is the largest it has ever been. In 2003 I was the only raw foodist I knew in person, and today this is the thing of the long gone past. I am connected with beautiful and inspiring raw food enthusiasts all over the globe. I am more inspired than ever before and the food seems the yummiest it has ever tasted too. This is going to be a great year.

Keep connected with wonderful people who uplift you and empower you. Of course, if you would like to connect with me, you know where to find me, for example see:


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Let us be in touch. Have the Best Year ever. Keep on shining!