Raw food DIET is dead …

“I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers.”

Kahlil Gibran


 raw food diet … minus the bullshit


Are you transitioning to a raw food diet? Don’t. Raw food diet is dead. Let me explain why.

Below is an image, shared by one of my friends, representing a dieting cycle which I believe to be quite similar to some patterns that those trying a raw food diet might find themselves in.


I am going to simplify things a little, and illustrate this like so:


Delusion phase is what I would like to call the phase raw foodists become stuck in sometimes. There is a plethora  of mental patterns associated with this. A multitude of little pathways we build on daily basis in order to create a system of beliefs to hold on to, so that we can carry on with our dietary activities. We do so, so that things make sense. But, do they?

All in the mind

Here is a list of some thought processes associated with those patterns. If you feel that any of the statements below resonate with you, then perhaps it is time for some rethinking. While you read this, be honest to yourself and observe your reaction as is.

  1. Raw food diet can cure any disease.
  2. Raw food diet is guaranteed to give you an amazing body and health.
  3. Raw food diet works for me, and so it must work for everyone else.
  4. If someone suffers health problems on a raw food diet, then they have not been doing it correctly.
  5. I spend a lot of time advertizing my ideal diet, but little or none at all listening to those who say got hurt by it.
  6. I feel the need to defend my diet.
  7. I surround myself only with friends who say good things about my diet.
  8. I remove from the circle of my friends those who criticize it or are no longer vegan.
  9. Eating avocados or nuts will make you fat.
  10. Eating fruit will make you fat.
  11. I feel guilty if I eat something that is not raw.
  12. I find it embarrassing to admit to other raw foodists that I eat cooked foods sometimes.
  13. I only experiment with cooked foods or create alternatives for others in the form of the second best.
  14. I have a food addiction.
  15. Raw food diet is pure and clean.
  16. I am a better person when I eat 100% raw.
  17. As a raw foodist, I am a better person than those who are not.
  18. I am not quite there, but I will get there one day and become the ideal I am seeking.
  19. I do not feel I am thriving but I am going to persist.
  20. I have to do this diet for a few years before I can judge the results I am getting.
  21. Only raw foodists know true health.
  22. Raw food diet saves the planet.
  23. Raw foodists are the future of the planet.
  24. Everyone should be a raw foodist.
  25. I am trying to convince everyone to become a raw foodist.
  26. I am going to break up with my partner because they do not want to be a raw foodist.
  27. I can only have a relationship with a raw foodist.
  28. Eating organic raw foods prevents any deficiency.
  29. I have been eating raw foods for more than 3 years and am an expert.
  30. My raw food guru is an expert and I trust them completely.
  31. My raw food guru can’t lie and has a heart of gold.
  32. I believe all I read that says good things about my diet.
  33. I do not believe anything that says bad things about my diet.
  34. I feel superior because I am vegan.
  35. Anyone who criticizes vegans is a hater.
  36. It is OK to lie or bully  for the sake of veganism.
  37. Raw vegans by definition are good people.
  38. There is no need to question the raw vegan diet, because it works.
  39. Those who question it, are looking for an excuse to go back to eating cooked foods and meat.
  40. I am offended by the title of this article.

Entrapment in thought processes constructed in order to deny the reality is not a healthy state of affairs. So, what is the alternative?

Let go of the ties that stop you from breathing. There is absolutely no need for you to close your eyes in order to be healthy. In fact, this prevents you from reaching your full potential. You do not need to pretend to yourself, to be fully you. You do not need to tell yourself every day that you will spread your wings tomorrow. You are ALREADY there. All it takes is for you to open your eyes and free yourself from the chains of the thought processes that stop you from growing, and from living your life fully. You are a beautiful and powerful human being.

The raw food diet is dead, so let it go. Raw foods are alive however. Eat as many juicy, fresh fruit and veggies as you desire. Enjoy your life. Time passes quickly so cherish every moment!