Raw Food Nutrition Handbook

New era in the raw food movement is emerging. After a phase of idealism and purism followed by some shocking falls and even near death experience of the idea, time has finally come to get educated. Indeed, by now we know that trusting and following nitwit ‘gurus’ can be harmful, this has been amply reported by me and others elsewhere. Do I think that one has to be a nutrition expert to be able to do well on a raw food diet? No, I do not. I do think though that being gullible or single minded can certainly prevent it. A little bit of knowledge and discernment can go a long way in improving your experience on a raw food diet.

So today, quite appropriately, I would like to recommend another book that I think is a worthwhile addition to your library. It is a book written by Karin Dina DC with Rick Dina DC, titled “Rawfood Nutrition Handbook: An essential guide to understanding raw food diets”.

I must say I am really happy to see a book co-authored by educated healthcare practitioners, and done so in such a professional manner. I would like to share a few quotes here, which impressed me, grabbed my heart right from the start and kept it till the end. An opinionated book that tells the reader what to think or do would lose my interest instantly, but this is not such a book. I have not seen such an attention to rigour in the raw food literature before. Nor such understanding of the place for both research and personal experience, and their limitations.

Peer-reviewed research that focuses on raw food is most certainly a work in progress.

Your approach to diet doesn’t necessarily have to involve extremes or what someone else considers to be ideal, and just like research, can be a work in progress.

Personal experience or anecdotal evidence may often precede what has been officially researched and can sometimes serve as inspiration for researchers to study certain topics or phenomena.

There’s a lot that we know and a lot more that we have yet to learn.

This indeed is a handbook and a reference guide. You will find here information about key topics in nutrition that are of relevance to raw foodists, with peer-reviewed scientific facts supported by some clinical experience, delivered in a convenient, compact way. This is a reference useful for learning about the basics, as well as for those moments where you might want to check some detail. A comprehensive list of scientific references for further reading is provided. You can check the list of contents and look inside the book on the Amazon here.

This is a book that encourages you to self educate. Rightly so.


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