Running Raw around Australia and related thoughts

There are good reasons why staying all-raw is my first choice. First, simple as that, I feel better. This is because my body sends me happy signals to let me know that this is what it prefers. Second, intellectualizing this just a little, by staying all-raw I increase the amount of nutrients I get. As the result of this, my body repairs itself at a higher rate, functions much better and so I have more energy. Third, my body is able to stay healthy. This last reason has become the most important to me with the realization of how precious and fragile life is, when I turned 50 a few months ago. I could say I finally overcome any mental reservations and am happy to label myself a raw foodist at last, after having been one for over 10 years! I admit that my reservations developed partly due to 100%-raw dogmatism and bullying that I observed over the years, which are thankfully gone now. Phew! I immersed myself in collaborations on some projects with my raw food friends lately too and am really happy to connect with some great minds and souls. I will let you know about these in due course. Let me also mention a recent event which lifted my spirits immensely.

A few days ago, I was lucky to have wonderful guests at my home, Janette and Alan from Running Raw around Australia, an incredibly inspiring couple. You can read Janette’s amazing terminal cancer survival story and learn about her upcoming book at their Raw Can Cure website. I report on this event at Raw Tassie, a website created for our group of raw foods enthusiasts in Tasmania, the most southern state in Australia.

Let us keep connected. Merry Christmas!

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