Fruit revival

When high quality. ripe and sweet fruit is lacking, I sulk. When I can get my favorite fruit however, I blossom. Season has started and so has my fruit revival!



Right now in paradise? Tick.

I need my life to be messy!


Some use images to argue for or against fruit, claiming that fruit makes people look one way or the other. I do not care much about such arguments. When I bite into my sweet mango, I feel alive. That is all I care about. Feeling alive is what I am keen to explore.

In my view, there is too much focus on the external these days. How about good, old-fashioned joy of life instead? Life it too short to waste it on shallow matters. I derive a lot more joy from a good meal than from how I might look to someone. Also, how about the dance, I have been enjoying lately learning my first ever drum solo! Best thing ever!