Juicing and pineapple delights

I have been feeling a strong desire for juices recently. For example, when I went camping, I took a whole lotta oranges with me and a hand juicer. Lately, I started using my electric juices and throwing anything that comes to my mind in it. Carrots, apples, beetroot, cucumber, celery, parsnip and so on. At least 2 liters of juice per day, often double that. I just have to have it! So juicing became part of my recent daily routine. I pack a jag of juice to work too.

Some will elaborate on the nutritional o detoxifying benefits of juicing, and approach this subject intellectuality. For me, it was pretty much desire-driven phenomenon. I juice because I feel like it! I will continue to do it until the desire isn’t there anymore.

I like to serve it to myself in a grand way because I love a little bit of decadence.



In other news, some time ago, I bought a whole pineapple, and decided to try to grow it as an experiment. So far so good. First, I put the top in a glass of water – it grew roots after a couple of weeks. Next, I transplanted it into a large round pot in the greenhouse, next to banana trees.





Also, I would like to mention that my preferred dietary approach is so called no-bullshit policy. There, I said it. Had to get it off my chest.