Mango mania and Tony Wright

There is the mango season and there is the rest of the year. The mango season started in Hobart and I hear that this year it is going to be really good. Not long ago, the mangoes price was 2 for $4.50, and so I was limiting myself to less than a box. But this week, I went to Coles and got them for $19 a box, 22 mangoes per box. So I am enjoying some mango mania here, eating mangoes only!

Spot Millie, if you can:

Looking really good:

I love Mango Maths. One mango, two mangoes, three mangoes… Crikey, mangoes are multiplying!

Sweet, sun-colored flesh makes me feel absolutely blissful. Warm regards to all you mango maniacs out there! Have a great day. Err. Have a great mango, I should say.

Whilst enjoying the taste of the mangoes, I have been finding a delight in an intellect-stimulating experience of listening to the interview with Tony Wright about his book “Left in the dark” and the theory he proposes in it. This is a 2-hour interview, so it’s quite a bite, but I recommend it highly, if you are interested in curiosity-driven fruity excursions as I am. Some key ideas discussed include: human symbiotic relationship with the environment in our primal history, in particular with the fruit and its impact on how we functioned, evolution that at the time went beyond the classic concepts of the adaptation, split from the environment about 200 thousand years ago, split of the left and right brain that occurred only about 10 thousand years. Enjoy!

I consider the Western Nutrition as a pseudo science” (Tony Wright)
I do too!