New beginnings

The banana plant in the greenhouse has survived the winter in Tasmania thanks to the use of a heater to keep it alive. Moreover, the mother plant has sprouted some baby plants. This is a very welcome and exciting development. The garden is full of life and I look forward to all the fruit.

I have been enjoying banana ice-cream with the freshly picked berries recently.

Every day, in fact!

So what are the new beginnings?

After the considerations of the recent months I decided to move things to a completely different level. I have been experimenting with the raw food lifestyle for over 9 years now. I have always thought of it as my personal journey. The statement “Be your own guru” has been on the front page of my website since the day one of its creation, because I believe that it is important for anyone entering the raw food diet to exercise critical mind, think for themselves, and make their own choices.

What was once important, became critical. I feel that it is crucial that the information presented to people entering this diet is honest and objective. This, unfortunately, has not always been the case, and it took me a good look at the consequences of this to realize that this is an unacceptable situation.

One has to follow their heart and do what feels right to them. My heart and my mind is in a completely difference place than it was a year ago.