Raw Tacos

Not long ago I traveled to Melbourne where I had a chance to visit a few places where they serve raw vegan dishes. A dish that impressed me the most was raw tacos at the Veggie Bar:

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Here is my version of it. I tend to prefer not to use too harsh spices, and like to go for simpler recipes. They still taste great, or even better, and are easy on my tummy. I suggest two alternatives for the wrapping,  corn tortilla, or simply green lettuce leaves. Guess what?  I got asked to make more of them. So they must be delicious! Find the recipe below.


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Raw corn tortillla: Remove raw corn from 5 cobs. Chop up 1 large red capsicum. Blend all with 1 cup of flax-seed. Form 2 rounds, dehydrate for a few hours until the top firms, flip and dehydrate until firm and still flexible. Cut each round into 3. Makes 6 tortillas.

Fillings: For the walnut filling, blend 1 cup of walnuts with 1/4 cup firmly packed sun-dried tomatoes and water, until smooth. For the cream, blend 1 cup of pine-nuts, or soaked sunflower seed with soaked sesame seeds, with 1/2 lemon juice and water, until smooth. Note that this amount will last for more than a few tortillas. I just like to make a batch in advance, so that whenever one feels like having a green tortilla, the filling is already made.

Spread the walnut filling onto the wrapper (tortilla or 2 leaves, pressed along the stem line to make them soft), then the cream. Next, use some greens, sprouts and possibly (if you like) tomatoes, avocados, or anything else that you feel like. It is just fine with the walnut and cream fillings and the greens. Serve flat and or roll them before serving.

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