My January garden

The best raw foods are freshly picked, tree or bush ripen fruit. So if you have a little space, try growing your own food! Fruit can be grown indoors in pots too. Here is a little tour of my January garden. I hope you like it.

My little friends.

Young avocado tree. No fruit on this one as yet:

Have you ever wondered what to do with all the empty banana and other fruit boxes? Here is a neat solution – lazy bugger’s corn. Simply put a few banana boxes on the grass, fill them up with straw and then put soil in the middle, preferably with some home-made compost as corn likes to eat a lot. Plant some seeds, water them, and voila, all done. No digging is needed at all! Now all I need to do is to water and to wait.

Do you care for some trampoline fun?

Or perhaps some berries?

I planted a few seeds in the greenhouse a while ago and  look whats happened, it’s full of life!

My first harvest, a cucumber.

I am not kidding, yes, there is a banana plant here too! Can you spot it next to the watermelons?

Another, much larger greenhouse is on its way. Do you have any suggestions what to grow in there? My preference is sweet fruit trees.

Would you like some tree-ripen nectarines?

I thought so.

Other fruit is not ready yet. Plums.



There is a creek here too!

My furry friends.

I hope you enjoyed the visit to my garden!